My LinkedIn Profile says: ” Proven leader, manager, communicator, and instructor. Successfully leads teams in reducing complex objectives into actionable tasks. Continually seeks constructive knowledge. Excels in personal presentation and visual communications.”

The rest of the story?

I’m a husband and a dad. It is the only job description that matters.

I’ve suffered far more setbacks than successes. I still try new things. The importance of the mission motivates me more than the paycheck.

My family, and our twenty years of military service, are my greatest sources of pride.

The process of writing a book taught me how to discipline myself and manage my time in a whole new way.

I’m a doodler, illustrator, and all-around visual kinda guy. My default method of discussing anything usually involves a sketch, whiteboard, whatever is available.

Everything looks like a good excuse for a concise (and entertaining) video.

I rarely read fiction.  The characters and challenges of recent history are more than enough to hold my interest.

I’ve never golfed a full game in my life. Who has the time?

I’m a dog person. My goal is to become the person my dog thinks I am.

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