What is “Microlearning” Anyway?


Microlearning is relevant content delivered in short, focused bursts. It allows busy learners to get the knowledge and skills they need, when they need it.

As someone with a graduate degree, but the attention span of a goldfish, I’ve benefitted from the rapid increase of easily available microlearning content, much of it on video.
These video pioneers helped me master a variety of skills from home and automobile repair to Excel pivot charts.

Like my kids, I’ve come to expect to a helpful video tutorial to save the day whenever I run into a new technical challenge. What’s more, I discovered I like to create and share microlearning content. From my screencasts, to windshield drive-by real estate videos, my social media analytics prove my circles of friends and followers respond positively to microlearning.

If producing your own microlearning content is a skill you’d like to explore, I’ll be posting some helpful tutorials that will have you up and running in a weekend.

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