Take Action!


Are you feeling stuck in your life? Falling behind? How many years have you heard yourself say you’re going to finally start that business, shrink that waistline, or learn the skills you need to stay relevant in a rapidly changing economy?

I’m Matt, and I’m guilty of spending years getting excited and starting “big things” only to get deeply frustrated and move onto the next big thing. ┬áMost of my entrepreneurial life felt like a roller coaster. The time spent on the line to the ride took too long, the thrill of the ride was too short, and I ended up at the exact same place I started.

It took me many years to realize my failures weren’t the result of laziness, or the need for another diploma. They were the result of two conditions:

  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of confidence (stemming from a lack of specific, actionable knowledge)

Perfectionism can be overcome through embracing a lifestyle of small, but consistent action, which will feel uncomfortable. Get used to that feeling. It means you’re finally growing. Allow yourself to falter. If you look around, you’ll see you’re not alone.

Confidence is gained through giving yourself small victories, over and over again. Every 10 minute workout you complete, every sugary treat you skip, every page you write, and every technical task you master are like food for your spirit.

I want to help you achieve your goals by contributing concise and relevant content that cover some of the skills I’ve gained in my journey as a solopreneur. In helping you, I continue in my plan of daily action, and I learn more about the lessons I share. Win-win!

So, take 10 minutes for yourself and dive in!